iPhone XR Screen Repairs Brisbane – Repair Van Come’s to you!

Many people take their iPhone XR devices for granted. They don’t know how much they mean to them until they get broken or damaged. Without their favorite iPhone XR, the quality of life goes down quickly. That’s why we should all look for a solution when the iPhone XR is not working. The solution is very simple – take it to a repair service provider that can fix it. Or even better, use Driveby Repairs and we will come to your place and help you right away. Our team has the right equipment, knowledge, and experience to get the job done. Don’t forget that we have the best prices too.

iPhone XR Repairs

Fast repair – this is our main objective whenever we get a non-functional smartphone from our customers. No one wants to wait for days until they can use their smartphone again and we know it. No repair project is too big or too small for the Driveby Repairs team. Thanks to our professional methods and approach, you will get your smartphone back in its original condition – fully functional. Charger port repairs, rear glass metal housing replacement, screen repairs – these are some of the iPhone XR repairs we are offering to all out clients.

If you come from Brisbane and you require professional and fast repairs for your iPhone XR, your best option is to call us – 1300DRIVEBY.

Our iPhone XR Repair Capabilities

Contrary to popular belief, iPhone XR problems are not rare and most of them are caused by their owners. We are not here to judge anyone – Driveby Repairs is here to help you resolve the problem as fast as possible. We are a professional service provider with years of experience in this field. Our list of repair services includes:

Screen Repair / Replacement

Cracked iPhone XR screens, shattered iPhone XR screens – we’ve seen it all. When something like this happens, it’s not the end of the world and in most cases, this problem is fixable. Just call Driveby Repairs and we will assess the damage and come up with a solution.

Battery Replacement

In case your iPhone XR needs charging every hour or two, this means that the battery is almost dead. This is the best time to call Driveby Repairs and let out technicians replace your battery.

Charger Port Replacement

The charging process is constantly interrupted? Do you have problems charging your iPhone XR? In 9 out of 10 cases, the charger port is broken and has to be replaced. Luckily, we have an affordable charger port replacement service.

Cracked Camera Glass Replacement

If you can’t take photos or videos because your camera glass is broken, driveby Repairs can help.

Camera Module Replacement

Camera module replacement is another similar service that we provide.

Rear Glass Metal Housing Replacement

Those of you who want a professional rear glass metal housing replacement to keep their iPhone XR safe can count on Driveby Repairs.

Do you need another kind of repair service? Feel free to contact us at 1300DRIVEBY. We will find a solution!

Our Repair Process Explained

driveby repairs how it works step 1
Share your location with our team – find the best time and place for you and use the button above or call us.
driveby repairs how it works step 2
Our technicians are sent to the location and time chosen by our clients. They will find out what the problem is.
driveby repairs how it works step 3

Lastly, the technician we’ve sent will solve the problem directly in their mobile unit. If everything goes right, you will get your phone in less than 60 minutes.

About the iPhone XS Max

It was September 2017 when iPhone fans got the chance to buy iPhone XS Max for the first time. By looking at the number of sold units, we can freely say that this is one of the most successful iPhone models.

iPhone XR features

A wide range of features awaits iPhone XR users. This model was released in October 2018 and has features like:

  • Powerful camera (12 MP)
  • 4K video recording at 60 frames per second
  • Full HD video recording selfie camera with HDR (7 MP)
  • Face ID
  • iOS 12 upgradable to iOS 13.6
  • Siri assistant
  • Liquid Retina OLED screen and more!

Why repairing your iPhone XR is a good idea?

When an accident happens with your iPhone XR, you will probably ask yourself whether you should buy a new smartphone or try to fix this one. Buying a new iPhone comes with some advantages (a newer phone that’s not damaged). However, this also means that you will have to spend a lot of money and keep your old device broken which means that this old device will be worthless. It’s a smart idea to repair your iPhone XR in any case. If you are not planning on buying a new device, you will get a repaired iPhone XR that is as good as a new one. And even if you are determined to buy a new phone, you will add value to your old one and sell it well.

Why choose Driveby Repairs?

Driveby Repairs has been able to build a strong brand name in Brisbane thanks to our professional work. Repairing smartphones is what we do and many satisfied customers can confirm that we are doing this right.


Give us your location and one of our technicians will come to your place and solve the problem.

Lightning-fast repairs

It usually doesn’t take more than 60 minutes for our technicians to fix an iPhone XR or another type of smartphone.


Rest assured that we are one of the best budget-friendly solutions when it comes to iPhone XR repairs. We are a company that’s always trying to keep clients happy and offering a reasonable price for our services is one way to do this.

5 years warranty

Driveby Repairs vouch for the job we’ve done. That’s why we have included a five-year warranty for every repair we make.

Discover a World of Convenience with Driveby

When you book online, it’s so easy. With just a few mouse-clicks, you will have a technician booked in for a date and time that suits you. Once you’re all booked in, all you have to do is wait for them to show up at the appointed time.

Our technician will assess the damage and the repairs, before repairing your phone in their mobile repair van.

Let us do the travelling and come to you with Driveby. Feel free to call us on 1300DRIVEBY or contact us online to get started with the repair of your phone. We look forward to being able to help with the repair of your iPhone 5.