Driveby Repairs was established with one simple mission in mind – take the heartache out of damaging your perfectly good smartphone.

We all know the costly, time consuming and sometimes dodgy alternatives that currently exist when you are looking to have your smart device repaired. You can visit the Apple store after placing an appointment days in advance, or pay a visit your local shopping centre and wait around for a few hours until it is fixed.

All of these alternatives have the same thing in common – they are a HUGE waste of time. Driveby's convenient and affordable solution brings well-trained, experienced Technician's and their mobile repair shops to your front door. Whether you are busy at work, out to lunch with the family or even kicking back and enjoying some down time on the couch, our mobile service enables you to spend your time the way YOU want.

Our Founders

Brothers Dean and Dion Bader founded Driveby in 2016 after realizing the aggravation that people were experiencing when breaking their smartphone. They noticed that people were largely frustrated because they didn't know how best to get their phone fixed. They had no real repair brand they could trust, that was easily accessible to them when they really need it.

With years of industry experience already under their belt, the duo took to developing the first concept of their phone repair shop on wheels. Through constant refinement, the first Driveby unit was born, able to bring all the tools and skills required to repair you smart device straight to your doorstep.

Our Values

It is the core values behind Driveby's brand that really drives customers to use our service time and time again. Transparency and quality are the key attributes that are always front of mind behind the scenes of Driveby's operations

This is demonstrated through our Lifetime Warranty, an offer not heard of in the smartphone repair industry. We back the quality of our parts and workmanship of our repairs with this warranty to give our customers piece of mind when deciding who is best suited to repair their valuable smart device.

Our Mission

We want to empower a new wave of tech-savvy individuals who have the skills and experience required to be a repair hero in their local area. With each Technician under Driveby’s mobile repair service allocated to a certain region, we aim to have a repair pro accessible for every suburb to call on in their time of need. We want to bring trust, convenience and community back into the smartphone repair industry, one region of Australia at a time.