Smartphone Repairs

Components We Repair

What we fix
Screen Replacement

By far one of the most common problems with touch devices, a broken screen is incredibly frustrating and prevents you from being able to properly and easily use your device. Make an appointment with Driveby for a fast and affordable screen replacement at your doorstep.

Home Button

Is your essential home button unresponsive or requiring a lot of pressure to operate normally? This is a common problem after frequent use, often causing frustrating processing delays and lags, but something we can generally fix quite quickly and easily with a recalibration.


Battery problems are often obvious with the device experiencing overall poor performance such as fast draining or slow charging. While these issues can sometimes be clocked up to something simple like system-hogging apps, other times a full replacement may be the only solution to get your battery life back to like new.

Ear Speaker

If your device’s internal speaker is acting up and you have no or poor quality sound, it could be either a network, hardware or software issue. We can diagnose the cause of the problem and provide a repair or replacement as needed.

Loud Speaker

Another common issue across devices is the loud speaker not producing sound or only producing it inconsistently. If this is the case with your smartphone or tablet, we’ll be able to find what’s causing the issue and either repair or replace the speaker.

Proximity Sensor

iPhones and Android phones have inbuilt sensors to detect when something is near them, enabling them to automatically turn off the LCD backlight and disable the touch screen when no presence is detected. We can fix faulty proximity sensors on most smartphone models.

Back Camera

If your back camera is faulty, freezing or showing a black screen, it may be a software or hardware issue. This is a common yet frustrating problem that prevents you from taking photos or videos, but our skilled technicians will soon have you shooting snaps again.

Front Camera

If your selfie game is being affected by a faulty front camera, we can pinpoint and resolve the issue. Our technicians are highly experienced in fixing damaged and faulty front cameras on a variety of Apple and Android devices.

Charging Port

A broken, damaged or faulty charging port could be the reason why your phone or tablet isn’t charging properly (or at all). Driveby can perform complete repairs on most devices or replace faulty charging ports with brand new, guaranteed parts.

Rear Housing

We can also repair or replace damaged rear cases and housing on most smartphone and tablet models. If yours is bent or broken, prevent further damage and make your device look like new again with our expert repairs.

Volume Button

Is your volume button stuck, unresponsive, jammed, broken or missing? This can happen after frequent use and can be either a mechanical or non-mechanical fault. We can repair most problems with volume buttons or replace them with genuine parts.

Please note, the features we can repair will vary according to the model of smartphone or tablet you have. If you’re not sure whether we can fix your problem, get in touch with us or follow the prompts to make a booking – once you’ve told us a little about your device, you’ll be given a list of repairs we can perform on the model you have.