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Why Smartphones are only getting harder to repair

In previous years, when you bought a cell phone you could do things to extend the life of your phone. If your phone was having charging issues, you could purchase a new battery to replace it. Then, phone companies decided to make it so that you could not replace the batteries. Right now, there is a big battle by consumers for the “Right to Repair”. Consumers are fighting against this new trend, but you may be wondering what this means for you and why you should care. The fact is that this is something that should concern you and your wallet.

To see a great example of this, here is a closer look at the iPhone. In the past, fans would flock to their closest store to purchase the newest iPhones available. Eventually this slowed down, with people opting to repair their phones rather than purchasing new options. This poses a problem for cellphone companies as this can slow down their profits. To counteract this, Apple has decided to make their phones nearly impossible to repair and makes it incredibly difficult for customers to access genuine parts to make these repairs. What this does is force consumers to either go directly to their company to repair their phones (at a higher cost) or purchase the latest models. Neither of these are fiscally feasible options for the consumer. However, these are great options for cellphone companies as it forces consumers to spend an obscene amount of money for the companies to pocket.

What can consumers do about this? The answer to your cellphone repair problem can be found in a 3rd party repair company. A 3rd party repair company is an affordable option that consumers can use so that they can get their phones fixed in a quick and convenient manner. This is also an affordable solution, allowing consumers to keep their older phone for longer rather than having to shell out over $700 every time something breaks on their phone and they are forced into buying a new one. If they can repair their older phone and have it work perfectly fine, why should they spend any more than they have to?

Not only is this bad for the consumer but it is also bad for the environment. These types of practices are incredibly wasteful and there are no real regulations to prevent this level of waste. Apple is a company that has been notorious about incentivizing the purchase of new products, especially when they created the 2012 MacBook Pro. This laptop was known as the “hardest to repair” laptop, made people aware of this trend that companies are moving towards.

The hope is that someone will come in to create stricter standards for cellphone companies through “Right to Repair” laws. These laws are aimed to regulate companies so that they make their products easier to repair and modify rather than being forced into purchasing new phones. Until then, 3rd party repair companies can be the best for consumers when something goes wrong with their phone.

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