Repairability Results: iPhone 6S vs. Galaxy S6

All of us have dealt with the inevitable. We have dropped our phones and said one million prayers under our breath as it fell from our grasp to the ground below. Perhaps you have picked up your phone and noticed a spider-web crack or chunk out of one of the corners.

 What do you do in your time of need? You most likely use your phone for work-related purposes, not to mention for your Instagram photo posts. You can either get a new phone altogether or have it repaired. Whether you have an Apple iPhone 6S or a Samsung Galaxy S6, the repairability can vary.

If you’re lucky, the fix may be a relatively easy — and inexpensive — one to fix. Here are some comparisons between the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S6 you’ll need to know before fixing your phone.

Apple iPhone 6S

Difficulty:                           5/10

Price:                                  8/10

Repairability Rating:       7/10

Introduced in 2015, the iPhone 6S is still a very popular phone for the masses. If you have this model and need to repair the screen, the front panel is relatively easy to remove and replace. You won’t have to deal with the impaired functionality of the touch screen due to a small or large crack or another issue. If you’re having battery issues with this particular model of iPhone, then the battery is also a fairly simple fix, with easy accessibly and replacement. In order to make these repairs and some others, however, you will need a proprietary pentalobe driver to open certain parts of the iPhone.

 Samsung Galaxy S6

Difficulty:                           7/10

Price:                                  4/10

Repairability Rating:       4/10

If you’re an Android fan and have the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, repairs can be a little more problematic and somewhat aggravating, compared to other Samsung models and other phone models in general. One advantage is that if you are having a problem with a specific component, many can be replaced independently without having to replace larger-scale items. If you need to replace a screen, it is very challenging to get into the device in the rear glass area. There is glass on the front and the back of the phone, so that makes it more susceptible to breaking. Another disadvantage is trying to replace or repair the battery. The battery in this Samsung model is adhered to the back of the display, which makes it difficult to access through the mid frame of the phone.

 If you’re looking to invest in a phone, always be sure to assess the repairability before you take the plunge and commit to a phone and contract. With Samsung and other Android devices are popular, the Apple iPhone remains one of the most popular cell phones worldwide. With this comes the easier access to repairs for your iPhone over other Android devices.


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