OnePlus 6 Repairs Brisbane

OnePlus 6 owners – do you have problems with your devices? Is the screen broken? Do you have problems charging your device? Regardless of the type of problem and what has caused that problem, Driveby Repairs is here for you. We are a professional repair service provider that serves the residents of Brisbane. With our top-notch onsite repairs, you can forget about the problems related to your OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6 Repairs

Don’t get frustrated just because your OnePlus 6 is not working properly. Leave your precious device in the hands of professionals! From screen repair and replacement to rear glass repairs and battery replacement – we have OnePlus 6 owners covered.

If you are a resident of Brisbane, call Driveby Repairs at 1300DRIVEBY right now!

Our OnePlus 6 Repair Capabilities

Driveby Repairs has the best technicians that use modern equipment and premium parts to repair all OnePlus 6 smartphones. Our services include:

Screen Repair / Replacement

The most popular type of repairs is also Driveby Repairs’ favorite!

Battery Replacement

Check our high-quality batteries and let us replace your OnePlus 6 dying battery.

Charger Port Replacement

If your charger port is not working right, Driveby Repairs will replace it with a new one fast.

Cracked Camera Glass Replacement

Use out cracked camera glass replacement service to shoot videos and photos without any hassles.

Camera Module Replacement

We provide camera module replacement too.

Rear Glass Replacement

Call us for rear glass replacement if you want to protect your OnePlus 6.

In case you can’t see the service you need on this list, call us at 1300DRIVEBY.

Our Repair Process Explained

driveby repairs how it works step 1
The process starts once you share your location and the time that suits you. After that, click the button in the upper-right part of the screen and set up a meeting. Don’t forget that you can give us a call too.
driveby repairs how it works step 2
One of our technicians will arrive at your location and he’ll check your device.
driveby repairs how it works step 3

The repairs take place in our special mobile units. Remember that our repairs last for 30 minutes on average.

About OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 has been around since May 2018, but it’s still one of the favorite phones of many Australians.

OnePlus 6 Features

Here’s a list of features that users can find in OnePlus 6:

  • Dual main camera (16 MP and 20 MP)
  • 4K video recording at 60 frames per second and Full HD video recording at 240 fps
  • HDR, dual-LED flash, panorama
  • Selfie camera (16 MP)
  • Android 8.1 upgradable to Android 10
  • Fast charging
  • Optic AMOLED capacitive screen and more!

Why repairing your OnePlus 6 is a good idea?

Leaving your OnePlus 6 damaged is a waste of money. On the other hand, if you repair your OnePlus 6, you will be able to sell it at a decent price (if you want to) or keep using it without any problems.

Why choose Driveby Repairs?

Driveby Repairs has dozens of satisfied customers from Brisbane. There are usually a few different things that they like about us:

They are saving time

we will come to your place and we will get the job done in 30 minutes (on average)

They are saving money

Driveby Repairs has some of the best prices when it comes to smartphone repairs

They feel safe

Every repair conducted at Driveby Repairs has a 5-year warranty

Discover a World of Convenience with Driveby

When you book online, it’s so easy. With just a few mouse-clicks, you will have a technician booked in for a date and time that suits you. Once you’re all booked in, all you have to do is wait for them to show up at the appointed time.

Our technician will assess the damage and the repairs, before repairing your phone in their mobile repair van.

Let us do the travelling and come to you with Driveby. Feel free to call us on 1300DRIVEBY or contact us online to get started with the repair of your phone. We look forward to being able to help with the repair of your OnePlus 6.