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Why Buy New When You Can Repair?

Breaking your iPhone, iPad, or any smartphone is never fun.  Cracked screens make it unenjoyable and sometimes impossible to use your phone’s screen. So when you break your phone and you go to buy a new one, rethink it.  Maybe it would be better if you just repaired the broken one! There are many benefits to repairing your phone, rather than buying a new one. It’s Cheaper Having your smartphone fixed will save you a [Read More]

5 Apps that put a drain on your battery life

Nothing is more infuriating than charging your phone all day and getting it out on your lunch break only to find your battery has drained. Knowing which apps are draining your battery might help you decide if they’re worth it in the long run (and if you really need them then you’ll know which ones to disable). So let’s check out the 5 most common battery draining culprits that you’re likely to have on your [Read More]


Alternatives to the iPhone 7

For a long time iPhones have been top of the competition for smart phones, however other brands are putting more and more effort into reaching to the future. Finding a phone that fills all your needs is easier now than ever, the choices are wide and this greater competition builds better phones going forwards. The most difficult thing about having so much choice is how to decide which phone going forwards? Well if you’re thinking [Read More]

The iPhone 8 Preview

The above image is the latest leak from Apple, advertising the latest iPhone confirmed to be called the ‘iPhone Edition’. Thanks to Apple news company 9to5 Mac we have a closer look at the new iPhone 8 dummy model. The dummy model originally hit the Internet back in April, now it is back with an up close video and new photos. New Technology The iPhone 8 is rumored to have upgrades to the phone, such [Read More]

iPad Repairs

iPad Repairs on the Gold Coast

At Driveby Repairs, we know how important your technology is to you. Maybe your iPad is your most important professional tool, an important way to stay connected with friends and family, or your kids’ favourite way to pass the time after school. This unique device is one of Apple’s best-sellers, and it’s easy to see why. With the power of a computer and mobility of a cellphone, the whole range of iPad products are a [Read More]