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Evolution of iPad Repairability

In many ways, our tablets are our devices that are our “digital home away from home.” They’re larger than our cell phones and smaller than our laptop and desktop computers. They can hold our precious files, photos, songs and more — and can be taken anywhere with us; however, that has a downfall, especially when it comes to drops, spills and other mishaps that affect our tablet’s functionality. If you have an Apple iPad, the [Read More]

facial recognition

Apple looking to use facial recognition software instead of fingerprint

Using your fingerprint to unlock your phone has been one of the best updates in recent years. Saving time, effort and adding that extra layer of security, it looks like Apple are aiming to go one step further – using your face to unlock your phone! They’re even looking at taking it one step further and using eye scanning technology, however this looks like an update for a future generation of iPhone so don’t hold [Read More]

Trade Up Scheme

Is Apple’s New Trade Up Scheme Worth it?

If you’ve been hanging onto your old iPhone for years but have finally decided to upgrade then you should definitely check out Apple’s new trade up scheme. The idea is that you trade in your old phone and get money off a new one! It’s a pretty simple idea and one that other shops and suppliers have been using for years and Apple have become the latest brand to offer this service. So is it [Read More]

Major update

Get your hands on iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad today

Apple have been working tirelessly at getting the major update out for their operating systems and its finally here… in Beta form at least. A massive update for your iPhone and iPad, what are the big changes and do you get your hands on the Beta form? Read on to find out. The iPad is in for a major revamp with this update and it’s looking like there’s a lot of things we’ve all been [Read More]

Chinese Smartphones

Top Chinese Smartphones on the market in 2017

Smart phones are one of the most expensive commodities going in the current climate. With top brands asking upwards of $1,000 for a brand new phone or even higher costs incurred if you go down the contract route, it is difficult to find the right phone for a great price. This explains the increased market share of Chinese smart phones, with similar performance statistics as the major brands, without the major price tags. Here are [Read More]