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Why Smartphones are only getting harder to repair

In previous years, when you bought a cell phone you could do things to extend the life of your phone. If your phone was having charging issues, you could purchase a new battery to replace it. Then, phone companies decided to make it so that you could not replace the batteries. Right now, there is a big battle by consumers for the “Right to Repair”. Consumers are fighting against this new trend, but you may [Read More]

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is a phone that is highly anticipated by Samsung users. Samsung discussed that they would release details of the phone on August 23, but information has been leaked to the public prior to the big announcement that was scheduled for an event in New York City. In store demonstrations of this phone are expected to begin on August 25th at certain popup events. This announcement makes it very clear that this [Read More]

iPhone survive

Will your iPhone survive the iOS 11 update?

Are you an iPhone user that prefers to keep your phone as long as possible, whether it is because you want to save money or because you just really love your current phone? If so, you may want to read on about how the iOS 11 update can negatively impact your iPhone 5. This update, which is expected to be released sometime this fall, is not just going to have a negative impact on your [Read More]

Driveby now offer a Lifetime Warranty

Driveby have burst onto the scene with a bang and it is easy to see why. Quick, reliable and convenient, we aim to change the face of smartphone repair. A lifetime warranty is a special thing in this day and age. In an industry where warranties seem to last a maximum of just 6 months, a whole lifetime shows the faith we have in our service. At Driveby Repairs we are determined to provide the [Read More]

Repairability Results: iPhone 6S vs. Galaxy S6

All of us have dealt with the inevitable. We have dropped our phones and said one million prayers under our breath as it fell from our grasp to the ground below. Perhaps you have picked up your phone and noticed a spider-web crack or chunk out of one of the corners.  What do you do in your time of need? You most likely use your phone for work-related purposes, not to mention for your Instagram [Read More]