Why is the ‘iPhone X’ back camera vertical?

We are all excited about the iPhone X and all its new features. Apple has promised to deliver new feature that will revolutionise smart phones. The most shocking features has been the iPhone X’s vertical camera.

Why a Vertical Camera?

There is no clear reason why Apply has decided to add a vertical camera to the iPhone X. We do know that Apple is always changing the game when it comes to smart phones and other smart devices. Apple has a reputation for creating innovative designs that ultimately give them an edge over their competition. We are pretty sure that a vertical camera has some major advantages over the traditional horizontal camera.

What is the Difference?

The iPhone X will feature a vertical dual camera that will have the LED flashlight placed between the two camera lenses. The dual camera lens will provide users with the same amazing features offered with the iPhone 7 Plus, like enhanced zoom, “Portrait mode”, and optical image stabilization.

By having a vertical camera, the iPhone X is able to capture images unlike any other iPhone before it. The vertical camera will allow for:

  • Better augmented reality
  • 3D features
  • Greater perspective

The vertical position of the camera will allow the iPhone to “see” a larger amount of the area in front of it. Therefore, the iPhone X will have an easier time creating and capturing augmented reality. It will also have an easier time giving a more powerful 3D effect on captured images. The vertical position of the camera will allow the user to capture an enhanced perspective of their subject. The dual cameras are perfectly put to use by capturing a larger field of vision in their vertical orientation.


We are excited to see how the iPhone X’s vertical dual camera will be appreciated when it is finally released publicly. Some have already voiced their concerns and general dislike of the vertical orientation of the camera. However, these opinions can’t be set in stone until they have used the new iPhone. We can promise that the iPhone X’s vertical dual camera will provide a photo taking experience unlike any other provided by previous smart phone models.

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