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Will your iPhone survive the iOS 11 update?

Are you an iPhone user that prefers to keep your phone as long as possible, whether it is because you want to save money or because you just really love your current phone? If so, you may want to read on about how the iOS 11 update can negatively impact your iPhone 5. This update, which is expected to be released sometime this fall, is not just going to have a negative impact on your iPhone 5 but it will also affect the 4th generation iPad and the iPhone 5C. Read on to learn more about this update.

In the 10.3 iOS update, you may have noticed that you have been getting warnings on your iPhone 5 about 32-bit apps that could potentially be slowing down your phone. You may also notice that it points out that these apps will no longer work with the upcoming iOS 11 update. But how do 32-bit apps slow down your phone? The answer can be found in the technical aspects of your phone. There are several different frameworks that are responsible for your apps working on your phone. When you have an iOS that has a 64-bit framework, all 64-bit apps will work on these phones. The problem comes in when you try to load 32-bit apps when using a 64-bit framework. By making your 64-bit framework access the 32-bit framework, your phone will get slowed down as the phone is working hard to access both frameworks to run your phone.

Apple is making it so that all apps are required to have a 64-bit update for their apps. This means that a lot of the more popular apps will have this update, so you may not be as affected by this problem. Unless you have an iPhone 5, which did not get a 64-bit chip in it until the iPhone 5S model. The iPhone 5 is the last generation of phones that had this 32-bit chip. So if you have this phone, you will be forced to upgrade to a newer model to get the most benefit from your phone.

The problem is that this is not always an option for someone, as these new phones can cost far too much for someone to get. If you look closely, you can find used and refurbished phones that come at a more inexpensive price. You just have to be sure that you are getting a phone from a reputable dealer as sometimes getting these phones may be more of a hassle than it is worth. For instance, sometimes these phones are stolen or may not be fixed properly. These are risks that can be taken if you do not purchase it from a reputable location.

You could argue that this change was all part of a plan by Apple to force users of their older models to finally upgrade to newer ones for purposes of profit. While this may or may not be the case, there are ways that you can save money upgrading your phone so you can get access to iOS 11.

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