Huawei P30 Repairs Brisbane

If you own a Huawei P30, you should know that you are not alone. Thousands of people across Australia and the world have chosen this smartphone. This is definitely a good choice because Huawei P30 is a solid phone with interesting features. But, this device, just like any other device of this kind can get damaged and it’s usually the owner’s fault. Regardless of that, when you find yourself in a situation like this, you should contact a professional repair service provider like Driveby Repairs. With experience, knowledge, and modern equipment as well as with premium-quality parts that work and last, you can rest assured that your Huawei P30 will work perfectly again! On top of that, Driveby Repairs comes to your location to resolve the issue.

Huawei P30 Repairs

Fast service is the middle name of Driveby Repairs and all our clients from Brisbane can confirm that. There’s no need to visit a repair store to finish this task – we come to your place at a period of the day that you find convenient. Some of the services that we provide include charger port replacement, screen repairs, and battery replacement.

Brisbane residents, let’s fix your Huawei P30 – call 1300DRIVEBY now!

Our Huawei P30 Repair Capabilities

At Driveby Repairs, we’ve seen it all – from broken screens to shattered cameras. Every task we are given is a challenge for us that we have to finish perfectly. So, if you need help with your Huawei P30, don’t hesitate to test our Huawei P30 repair capabilities. Here is a list of our Huawei P30 services:

Screen Repair / Replacement

This is by far the most wanted service. We have a lot of experience when it comes to Huawei P30 screen repair/replacement services. Our team uses the best parts and finishes these tasks in record time.

Battery Replacement

Weak and old batteries have to be replaced. Get in touch with Driveby Repairs and get the best battery replacement service.

Charger Port Replacement

If your Huawei P30 can’t be charged properly, there’s a great chance that you need charger port replacement. Leave this task in the hands of true professionals – Driveby Repairs.

Cracked Camera Glass Replacement

Leaving your camera glass cracked can cause even further damage to your Huawei P30. Use our repair service to get this job done.

Camera Module Replacement

Camera module replacement requires precision and high-quality parts. This is exactly what Driveby Repairs has to offer to all clients.

Rear Glass Replacement

The aluminosilicate rear glass back on your Huawei P30 is not very fragile, but it can get broken. When you experience something like this, call Driveby Repairs.

Is there something that’s missing on our list of repair services? Feel free to contact us at 1300DRIVEBY and our team will come up with a solution.

Our Repair Process Explained

driveby repairs how it works step 1
Provide a location and time – do you know where and when you want our technician to come? Select the button or call us and we will take care of your smartphone.
driveby repairs how it works step 2
We will send a professional technician to your place and at your convenience.
driveby repairs how it works step 3

After identifying the problem, he will finish the repair in the mobile unit. All in all, it shouldn’t take more than an hour for the entire process to be finished.

About Huawei P30

People got a chance to buy the new Huawei P30 in March 2019 and many people used this opportunity. This makes sense because it’s still one of the best models made by Huawei.

Huawei P30 features

Equipped with new and unique features, Huawei P30 became a rival to some of the world’s leading devices of this kind. To show you how powerful this device was (and still is), we will mention some of the features:

  • Triple main camera (40 MP, 8 MP and 16 MP)
  • 4K video recording at 30 frames per second
  • HDR, dual-LED dual-tone flash, Leica optics
  • Selfie camera (32 MP)
  • Android 9.0 upgradeable to Android 10
  • Wireless charging
  • OLED capacitive screen and more!

Why repairing your Huawei P30 is a good idea?

Surely, you might be tempted to get a new phone and forget about repairs, but is this a good idea? We would have to say no because by leaving your Huawei P30 broken, this device will lose its value. Repair your Huawei P30 and continue using this powerful smartphone or sell it and buy another smartphone after that.

Why choose Driveby Repairs?

You won’t be able to find many repair service providers in Brisbane that are as popular as Driveby Repair. Obviously, there’s more than on good reason for that.


Driveby Repairs is about convenience – stay where you are – our technician will come to your place at the time you want and solve the issue.

We're speedy

Driveby Repairs is about speed- it usually takes no more than 60 minutes to get your phone repaired.

Call out fees?

Driveby Repairs is inexpensive – our services are offered at a reasonable price.

5 Years Warranty

Driveby Repairs offers a 5-year warranty – every repair that we complete comes with a 5-year warranty.

Discover a World of Convenience with Driveby

When you book online, it’s so easy. With just a few mouse-clicks, you will have a technician booked in for a date and time that suits you. Once you’re all booked in, all you have to do is wait for them to show up at the appointed time.

Our technician will assess the damage and the repairs, before repairing your phone in their mobile repair van.

Let us do the travelling and come to you with Driveby. Feel free to call us on 1300DRIVEBY or contact us online to get started with the repair of your phone. We look forward to being able to help with the repair of your Huawei P30.