Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is a phone that is highly anticipated by Samsung users. Samsung discussed that they would release details of the phone on August 23, but information has been leaked to the public prior to the big announcement that was scheduled for an event in New York City. In store demonstrations of this phone are expected to begin on August 25th at certain popup events. This announcement makes it very clear that this new Samsung offering will go up against the launch of Apple’s new iPhones. This may be Apple’s 10th anniversary, but Samsung is hoping to show up their competition with their New Galaxy Note 8.

The preorder for this latest model of Samsung’s phablet is expected to run from the 1st of September until the 10th. After this, the phone will be officially released on September 15th. Experts in the industry agree that this is probably the exact timeline that Apple is expected to have for their new phones. The leaks did reveal all of this information, but there was not a discussion about the price point for this new phone. Estimates say that this is simply because they have not yet decided how much they are going to charge for the new phone.

When you take a close look at the previously leaked images of this new phone, you will see that it has the same edge-to-edge display that you can find on the Galaxy S8. You can also notice from the pictures that this model will also include the S Pen stylus, as did previous models. The screen is likely going to be 6.3 inches across, which can make it appear bigger than the S8 as it lacks the beveled edges that the S8 has. This smartphone also has a dual-lens camera, making it the first Samsung device to have this feature.

This phone is going to have some stiff competition with the iPhone 8, though this launch from Samsung is believed to be a way to sabotage Apple’s release. These two companies are going to continue their fight for the top phone on the market with their new releases. However, experts expect that Samsung may win this battle as they are going to offer a stunning new design along with cutting-edge technology. Best of all, Samsung is expected to offer all of this for a cheaper price than the new iPhone.

With the mistakes with the previous model, Samsung has high hopes that this new model will help them to move on from their blunder and repair their reputation. Some people thought that Samsung would discontinue the model as a result of the bad press they received due to the battery issues with the Note 7. Samsung decided to just learn from their mistakes, including the design flaws that caused the exploding batteries to begin with. Only time will tell just how great the Galaxy Note 8 actually is, but Samsung is hopeful that they are going to win the “Best Phone” title.

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