Driveby’s launched it’s ‘For Education’ program!

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The reliance on technology is stronger now more than ever. In order for education to be effective, it must be modernised with contemporary smart mobile devices. We all know the wear and tear that a smart device can go through, especially in the hands of younger students. Therefore, registering your school to Driveby Repair’s new “For Education” program will provide you with all the device repairs you would ever need. By partnering with the Gold Coast’s best smart mobile repair company, you will receive specialised service just for your school!

The “For Education” Program

By joining Driveby’s “For Education” program, you will gain access to Driveby Repairs’ incredible features without having to make any sacrifices.

Service Features

The best part about joining our “For Education” program is that you will receive expert device repairs Gold Coast wide without even leaving the school grounds! We are experts in smartphone and iPad repairs that are used for educational purposes. We are so confident about the quality of our service that we can guarantee it with a lifetime warranty. Along with high quality repairs, you will also have access to the latest smart device accessories through our industry affiliates to protect from future damage. What other Gold Coast repair company can offer that?

Payment Features

Driveby’s “For Education” program will meet all your mobile repair needs as a school. You will no longer have to go to a repair company that sees you as just an ordinary customer instead of the educational institution that you are. By registering with Driveby’s “For Education” program, you will receive access to:

  • Discounts
  • Fixed pricing
  • Great billing options

Your institution will have access to discounts on multiple repairs conducted during a single appointment. This can come in handy for mobile devices that have been broken by a single class of younger students. Not to mention that you never have to worry about hidden fees when you partner with Driveby. We have fixed pricing, unlike some of our competitors, so you pay exactly what you expect. You can also pay the bill for repairs by using Driveby’s on-account billing options. It has never been easier to manage a repair bill than by using Driveby Repairs. You won’t find another Gold Coast mobile repair company that can offer payment features like us!

Why You Should Choose Driveby Repairs

Driveby Repairs is the most dedicated mobile device repair company servicing the Gold Coast region. When you partner with Driveby Repairs, you gain a trustful and strong partnership that will provide you with the highest quality of service time and time again. Our experienced technicians follow strict diagnostic and recalibration checklists enabling them to provide a level of workmanship that we can provide Lifetime Warranty on all our repairs. To top it all off, we live by the service mantra, “No repair, no charge”.

Want to learn more?

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